Tonight you're perfect, perfect, perfect
I wanna fall in love with the stars in your eyes.


Please don’t be angry with people for not understanding something. Explain to them. Educate them. Inform them. Do not yell and call them names. Because they will still not comprehend. Except now, they are hurt. And you are the asshole.

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As we watch supernatural
"‎’Slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes. ‘Friend Zone’ is attacking women for their right to say no."And “bitch” is attacking women for their right to call you on it.  (via madgay)
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don’t listen to them cody 


my mom just looked at a spider at our kitchen and yelled “why do you have to be like that? you dont need that many eyes or legs you need to stop”

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some kind of dog meeting
"The poison leaves bit by bit, not all at once. Be patient. You are healing."Yasmin Mogahed (via extraterrestrialskies)
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if you want to understand the psyche of our generation take a good look at the stories we tell ourselves about the future

because it isn’t flying cars or robot dogs, it’s faceless government surveillance and worldwide pandemics and militarized police brutality and the last dregs of humanity struggling to survive

our generation isn’t self-centered, or lazy, or whatever else they wanna say about us. we are young, and we are here, and we are deeply, deeply afraid.

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if her legs aren’t shaking when you’re done then you’re not done

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